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CTO Amsterdam Women’s basketball is the National Talent Program of the Dutch Basketball Association and the Centre for Elite Level Sports and Education in Amsterdam.

CTO (Centre for Elite Level Sports and Education) Amsterdam is part of a nationwide initiative of the Dutch Olympic Committee*National Athletics Federation and the Ministry of Health and Sports.
This organization aims to facilitate the development of the best athletes and talents to become competitive on the world stage. It’s an important step towards achieving the ambition of the Netherlands to become one of the top ten athletic countries in the world. As of 2009 there are four Centres for Elite Level Sports and Education in the Netherlands, one in Papendal, Heerenveen, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Since 2009 there is an opportunity for talented female Dutch basketball players to develop their skills in Amsterdam, to set their sights on a professional career and to become a member of the Dutch National Women’s Team.

CTO Amsterdam (part of the City of Amsterdam) offers these talented athletes a unique opportunity to combine fulltime training, education and life in the City. Excellent support systems and minimal travel time are part of the focus.

Training facilities, educational institutions, accommodations, support systems (medical and mental support and guidance) and athletic training sessions are within biking distance for the approximate 18 players who take part in the program on an annual basis.
There are two athletic facilities where the CTO training programme takes place, Sporthallen Zuid and ClubWest/HvA. These facilities meet the standards of the Olympic Committee and the World Athletics Association.


All players taking part in the program; train a minimum of 20 hours per week under the guidance of the Dutch Basketball Association and the CTO Amsterdam. The training sessions consist of athletic training (in the morning), basketball training (in the afternoon), and guidance in nutrition, mental and personal growth.

The goal of the program is to deliver players to the Dutch National Women’s Team and as such for Dutch Basketball to play a structural role at the world top level. During their participation in the program, all players are members of a Dutch National Team; these teams compete at the European and World Championships. During the season the players work with the coaches of the National Teams to further develop their individual performance. Therefor the CTO program functions as an extension of the National Teams.

The development of the players in the program is based on the individual. This means all players receive support in a different way; it is geared towards optimizing each player’s unique potential.

During the season, CTO Women’s Basketball participates in the Dutch Women’s Basketball League, the highest level of competition in the Netherlands. Also during these games, the individual development of the players is the primary focus of the coaches.


Besides working on the development of their athletic career, the athletes attend an educational institution in Amsterdam. In order to streamline the educational demands with the demands of the training sessions, the CTO Amsterdam has made arrangements with a number of
educational institutions. These educational institutions offer special schedules for high level athletes, which creates increased flexibility for CTO athletes.

The following educational institutions have an arrangement in place with the CTO Amsterdam:
• Calandlyceum
• ROC of Amsterdam
• Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
• University of Amsterdam
• Open University Amsterdam


Players taking part in the program are in the ages of 15 to 20 years old. They are all members of a (junior) National Team.
All players have a contract with the Dutch Basketball Association, which determines their participation in the development program. These contracts are for a time period of a minimum of one season but can be extended for additional seasons. In the event a player wishes to leave the program, she will receive support from the Dutch Basketball Association.

Here is an overview of participating players.


If you would like additional information regarding the program or the players, please contact:

Puck van Hasselt
Teammanager CTO Amsterdam Vrouwenbasketball
T: +31 (0)6-45319958
E-mail: puck.van.hasselt@basketball.nl

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