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English mail basketballrules certificate



English mail basketballrules certificate

Dear player,

Basketball is a great sport, but it’s also a difficult sport. On the basketball court, sometimes there are discussions between players and referees about the basketball rules. More knowledge of the rules leads to a better understanding of the game and the decisions of the referees. That will makes our sport more fun, safer and more positive.

The basketballrules certificate is a way to increase your knowledge of the rules and to test whether your knowledge is sufficient. From the season of 2022-2023, the basketballrules certificate is mandatory for all players who want to participate in competitions, from the age of 14. According to our records, you’re not yet in possession of the basketballrules certificate. So you'll have to get this for next season if you want to play games.

How can you get the basketballrules certificate?

Go to https://login.flowsparks.com and click on 'forgot password'. Enter your email address that is listed in Sportlink. Within a few seconds an email will be sent to you with which you can reset your password. The email is sent from FlowSparks, there is a chance it may end up in your spam box. With your username (e-mail address) and the password you just created, you can get started in FlowSparks. Go to https://login.flowsparks.com, log in and follow the actions that come with the basketballrules certificate: practice with the rules (through text, videos and pictures) and take the test! Did you pass the test? Then you have earned the certificate!

It is possible to follow the exercises and the test in English. To do this, go to the menu after logging in. You are in the menu when you see your name at the top right of the screen. Don't see your name? Then click on the 'X' in the black bar at the top right of the screen. If you see your name at the top right of the screen, click on it. Then click on settings. Under the preferences (voorkeuren) button, you can change the language to English. Click on the Dutch flag, and then on the English flag. Finally, click Apply (Toepassen) to accept the changes. Next go back to the basketball rules module. The text will now be displayed in English.

If you have any questions about the basketball rules certificate, please send an e-mail to spelregelbewijs@basketball.nl.